Show Me Your World 2019


'Tis the time to show me your world!

Wanted: Your original song for "Sphericaliest rhythm game in the galaxy" Tone Sphere or Sta/Bit192's next project.
Show me your world, please! - Sta

Details are below (please read carefully before entering the contest)

Deadline for entry
10 June'2019 23:59 (GMT+9:00). Entry must arrive before the deadline.

Must be an unpublished(*) original song that the applicant composed himself/herself and fully owns.
(*)means never released to public before the announcement of this contest.

If the song is made by a group (e.g. a group of composer, arranger and vocalist) the applicant must own/control the rights of the song fully and must have the consent of the representing group to enter the contest.

Compose your own song under Tone Sphere aesthetics or your own song that resembles one of the Tone Sphere characters!
While the song can be of any genre, the song should have at least some kind of a beat due to the nature of the game.

Please be original. We focus on originality, songwriting and character. Do not worry even when you are not well versed with technicalities such as recording, mixing and mastering - we can work out together.

The song can be any length.
Please be aware that the song will be cut/edited into around 1:40~2:50 in the game.

You can send as many songs as you want.

Winning entry will be included in Tone Sphere or Sta/Bit192's next project and
receive the grand prize of USD$600 + Sta's original illustration for the song.

You retain the copyright of the song. Sta/Bit192 will obtain the license to use the song in the game(s) and related materials such as promotional videos.

Eligibility requirements
1. The applicant must be over 20 years old, or must be over 15 years old and have parental consent(*).
(*) Depends on legal restrictions of your country of residence. Please be aware that entries from minors can be disqualified in case of a legal issue.

2. The song must not contain illegally sampled contents, or audio contents from sample packs / virtual instruments that the applicant does not own proper license to use.

3. The applicant must write clearly in the entry description if the applicant is a member of a copyright collecting agency.

Privacy statement
Email, Twitter or Facebook or Instagram account, age, country of residence and real name are required to enter the contest.
Such information that we request will be only used within the purpose of this contest.

Further personally identifiable information is only required once your entry is selected as the winner(s).

How to Submit Your Entry

You must upload your entry to YouTube or Soundcloud. Please do not send your song directly by e-mail!
The video/audio should be set to either public or unlisted (do not set to private) in YouTube, public or private (with shared link) in SoundCloud.

For artists from China: due to YouTube and other major sites being banned in PRoC, you may also use other uploading sites such as Bilibili. You may also skip entering social media account(s).

The contest is closed for entry!

Thank you so much for your submissions.

We'll post results in Twitter/YouTube/Facebook/Discord after the selection process.
If your entry has been selected, you'll also receive a direct contact.

twitter / YouTube / Facebook / Discord


Inquiries bit192 [at]


(c) Bit192 Labs / Sta